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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


What confirmation do you have that this is a legit ticket?

Fun Hawaii Travel is a member of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. Once payment is received & processed, we will send you a tour voucher that you can confirm with the vendor or an Electronic ticket for airfares and hotels and car rentals that you can confirm with the vendors directly.


How do I send Fun Hawaii Travel feedback?

We want to know how to improve this site and our service. We always appreciate comments so please send us a feedback via our Feedback Form.


How do I pay for my reservations?

The air reservations require a payment before the tickets can be issued. We accept cash in person at our office or credit cards (Visa or Master Card). Once you receive and accept our invoice, we will send you a secure website link to pay online. We are also able to send you our credit card authorization form for you to fax back. For rental cars, accommodations, and Hawaii Tours, the payment due date varies. Our travel consultants will advice you on payment terms for your reservation.


Do you accept Paypay payments?

There have been some requests for payments via Paypal for the tours & activities.

By the State of Hawaii law all tour payments must be deposited into a Client Trust Account for safekeeping till the activity is completed in satisfaction. Paypal is a monetary fund transfer system bank, which does not offer Client Trust Account. As such, tour companies in Hawaii can not accept tour payments via Paypal unless they are breaking the Hawaii Law.


Is Fun Hawaii Travel secure and private?

Booking your travel with us is private, safe and secure. Fun Hawaii Travel uses the best available technology and techniques to assure the security of your personal data, including your credit card information. In addition, we collect and use your personal data only as necessary to perform travel reservation tasks.


Why don't you have a set price for your airfares, hotel rates, tours, cars, and such?

Many of these rates and fares are constantly changing. The airlines, hotels, tour vendors and such are constantly competing with each other. Hence, many specials are constantly coming out and normally for short set periods at times. As such, we try our best to update this website with specials as best we can. But with over several hundred hotels in Hawaii and several hundred different airfares and tours and etc. we seem to be falling somewhat behind. Hence, if you do not see what you are looking for in our website, please send us a rate/fare quotation request and we will be very happy to send you a response. Once you get a quote from us, you will be able to see that our price quotes are the lowest and impossible to be beaten by anybody else.


Why did you send me information to book my airfares somewhere else instead of thru you?

There are many occasions when we find better offers directly at the Airlines websites with a lower fare than us, which we will let you know after comparing and checking that they are legitimate. As such, we don't only offer you what we have. We will offer you the lowest fares available anywhere to gain your repeat business and trust. Furthermore, we do not charge any service fee for any of our research work.


Why is your tour rates so much lower than others?

Our goal is to place a profit margin of $1 ~ $5 per person and sell in volume. As such, the more you save the more we make. While the others are selling 1 Hawaii tour, we are selling 10 ~ 20 Hawaii tours or more due to our price reduction.

Once we quote you a price, that is the final price. No hidden charges.

The only additional cost will be if you wish to tip the tour escort/guides during or after the tour.




Member of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau


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