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Laniakea beachOahu Secret: Laniakea Beach


Just about one and a half mile from the Old Haleiwa Town on Kamehameha Highway in the island of Oahu is a feeding ground for the green sea turtles, the Laniakea beach. Once you arrive there, there are branches and shrubs covering a good portion of the beach. It almost seems as if someone had gone through a great deal in order to hide this beach from the public, especially when you see the signs and banners being behind the shrubs and branches where the drivers passing by on the two way lane won’t be able to see much of the turtle signs. Maybe this was someone’s idea of keeping the crowd away from the beach.

Nevertheless, this beach is very crowded on many days throughout the year with people crowding around the turtles with wonders, and the children, having found new pets, wanting to play with the slow moving creatures. As such, it would be rare to find everyone abiding by the law on any day, which was created to stop the green sea turtles from becoming extinct. Moreover, these turtles are very friendly creatures that feed on the seaweed on the beach rocks and they are also willing to swim with anyone in the water with them without being afraid. As such, many people swim and snorkel in the beach with the turtles on a daily basis.

Our recommendation for anyone planning on heading out there: The green sea turtles are known to snap/nip so it is a good idea to give them some reasonable space. At the same time, please do not feed the turtles.
The green sea turtles were listed as endangered/threatened species on July 28, 1978 under the federal Endangered Species Act. It is also protected under Hawaii state law.

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Laniakea Beach   Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach



Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach



Laniakea beach   Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach



Laniakea beach  Laniakea beach



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